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Ten Roads Glass is a professional supplier for glass beads and relative products.

Our factory is located at Yong qing Economic development zone, Langfang city, which is not more than 100kms to Beijing or Tianjin port.

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We are mainly in dedicating on supplying high-quality glass beads for road marking and industrial purpose, micro glass beads play a very important role in the road safety and industry, with rich experience and excellent technician, TENROADS have and will supply the best products for you.

Meantime we also develop different glass products, like colored glass beads, colored glass sand, which are widely used for construction decoration, landscape building, fireplace, terrazzo, crafts material, and other areas.

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Consider customer need, we have been try to give one-stop solution, road paint material like thermoplastic paint, Anti-skid ceramic aggregates, C5 resin, and abrasive material like aluminum oxide, brown aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, steel shot, both are in our business line, the products will be rich as customer requirements.

With our High-Quality Product Line, Experience in the Industry,  Outstanding Customer Service and Qualified Technical Support, TEN ROADS can be the best solution for you.

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