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  • Anti-Skid Ceramic Aggregates
  • Anti-Skid Ceramic Aggregates
  • Anti-Skid Ceramic Aggregates
  • Anti-Skid Ceramic Aggregates
  • Anti-Skid Ceramic Aggregates
  • Anti-Skid Ceramic Aggregates
  • Anti-Skid Ceramic Aggregates

Anti-Skid Ceramic Aggregates

TENROADS is an Anti-Skid Coloured Aggregates Ceramic Particles Supplier. Colored ceramic particle is a new environmentally friendly material, it uses kaolin, feldspar, quartz, and clay as raw materials, organic high color agent, fired at high temperature.

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Overview Anti-skid Ceramic Aggregates


The color non-slip pavement is a thin layer of colored non-slip pavement that is coated with a special polymer adhesive on the road surface and sprinkled with colored anti-skid aggregates of different colors and laid in precise quantities. The color non-slip road surface is a brand-new road surface beautification technology with advanced construction technology. Compared with traditional black asphalt concrete and gray cement concrete pavement, it has the characteristics of safer driving, easier management of traffic and more beautiful road surface. It has a warning function, and it can improve the situation of water splashing on the road surface, water, and oil dirt, and it is easier to maintain.


Technical Data of Anti-skid Ceramic Aggregates


Size Shape: irregular particles, particle size --- large (4-6mm) middle (2-4mm) small (1-2mm)

Color: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, white and other colors.

Weight: 2.25 - 2 .450g/cm3
Bulk density: 1200-1450kg / m3
Water absorption:<3%

Mohs hardness:. ≥6

The Advantage of Anti-skid Ceramic Aggregates


>>Antiskid, the road surface has good water-dispersion, high anti-slip performance, bright colors, and rapid construction, which can be completed overnight. High laying efficiency means low working hours.
>>Reduce noise, the fine structure made of aggregate has the effect of conducting audio, and the use on the cement road can reduce the noise by 3 or 4 decibels.
>>Environmental, Anticorrosives, Low water absorption
>>Bright in color, Upscale appearance, Never fading, Hard & firm, Long service life


The Application of Anti-skid Ceramic Aggregates


The product is widely used in highway, airport runway, railway stations, subway, bus station platform, parking, parks, squares, schools and hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and other road construction and identification.


Other Notes of Anti-skid Ceramic Aggregates


1. Keep in dry condition, no moisture

2. Package:25kgs bags(PP/paper),or jumbo bag,with pallet.

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