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Road Marking Paint

TENROADS is a reflective traffic road line marking paint supplier, we supply standard quality  Road Marking Paint which gives superior brightness. These paints are classified into various characteristics such as tough, durable, safe for the user, etc. Road Marking Paint is available in different colors white, yellow therefore which is used for marking line striped parking lots, road-street traffic lines, etc.

Overview of Our Types of Road Marking Paint

Road marking paint is a coating applied to roads to mark road markings. Road marking paint is a safety mark and a "language" in road traffic. Traffic road markings are an important part of transportation facilities. The clear and complete road markings can provide good conditions for drivers and pedestrians, which can effectively reduce accidents and improve driving efficiency. A statistic shows that the probability of road markings associated with accidents is 70%, which can increase transportation efficiency by 30%. The traffic volume on the road is getting bigger and bigger, and the driving speed is gradually increasing. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the development of traffic safety facilities and the supporting, safe, economical, durable and beautiful performance.

The Advantage of Traffic Road Marking Paint


1. Strong adhesion: There should be strong adhesion between traffic road marking paint and ground, so as to fully ensure the integrity and clarity of marking. However, the shorter the general coating drying time, the worse its adhesion, so this constitutes a pair of contradictions, the road coating industry, one of the key technologies, is how to solve the problem in the first place.


2. Long wear life: Good road traffic marking paint should have a long service life, so as to ensure that in a long time, the marking line remains complete and clear, and can reduce the number of repeated construction brought about by the waste of manpower and material resources, and reduce the obstruction and impact on normal traffic.


3. Night reflection: Modern transportation requires not only daytime effects but also nighttime effects. The reflective marking paint at night can greatly improve the safety of driving at night and the efficiency of driving at night. The more developed countries in the world pay more attention to this point, the higher the degree of road night brightness.


4. Rapid drying during construction: Traffic road marking paint is applied in an environment where there is an uninterrupted amount of traffic (even at night). Therefore, reflective road coatings are required to dry as quickly as possible. According to different types of paint, generally, 3 ~ 15 minutes within the requirements of dry traffic. For general coatings, this requirement is almost too harsh, but it is a measure of whether a product can be a good road coating prerequisite.


5. Good weather/water resistance: Requirement coating can maintain a bright degree for a long time, the natural aging degree is slow. Economy namely requirement coating cost is low, price is cheap. Green environmental protection In actual coating research production and use of the process, it can only as far as possible to meet the above requirements, but also impossible to completely meet the above requirements, can only have some emphasis.

6. Hot-melt road marking paint uses the thermoplasticity of synthetic resin (thermoplastic road marking material), so that the hot-melt paint has a quick-drying property, using the hot-melt property of synthetic resin so that the marking line and road surface adhesion firm. Heat melt reflective road marking paint is generally composed of thermoplastic resin, color filler, reflective materials, and other additives. Hot melt coatings are powder at room temperature. There is no solvent volatile component in the composition. It is melted by construction heating and then coated on the ground by special equipment, which can be physically cooled and solidified into a film. For the hot melt road coating, its fluidity is a very important technical index in the construction process

How to Use Reflective Traffic Marking Paint

Hot melt marking coating at room temperature is solid powder, the construction, the paint into the melting kettle, kettle temperature control in 180℃~210℃ between, melting while stirring, to melt into the state of melt flow, into the line car insulation melting hopper. The melted coating is then introduced into the marking bucket, and the insulation keeps the material in a molten state. The position of the pre-marking machine is marked before the marking, and the primer is applied to the coating position indicated in the drawing. After the next coating agent completely dry can apply standard line coating. Start scribbling, should put the scribbling bucket on the road, because there is a certain gap between the scribbling bucket and the ground, when the scribbling car in front of the line, rely on automatic flowing and scraping out a neat line. The glass bead spreader can automatically and evenly spread a layer of reflective glass beads on the marking line.

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