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  • C5 Petroleum Resin
  • C5 Petroleum Resin
  • C5 Petroleum Resin
  • C5 Petroleum Resin
  • C5 Petroleum Resin

C5 Petroleum Resin

TENROADS is a C5 Hydrocarbon Resin Manufacturer. C5 petroleum resin is a certain petroleum resin applicable for hot melt road paint, which can enhance the tenacity, rigidity and adhesive force of dope and form smooth paint surface, and also ensures the stable state of the resin in all seasons, and have a better mixing with rosin-like resin by adding the auxiliary agent. In the mixing of top-grade paint, it can form such features as water-proof, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-chemicals, and improve the brightness adn dryness of the surface. 

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The advantage of C5 Petroleum resins

Light color; better fluidity, even filling distribution, no sedimentation
Suitable for wall weather; quick-drying, good smudge resistance.

The Specification of C5 Petroleum Resin


Test Method



Soften Point

ASTM E28-58




ASTM D-1544



Acid Value

ASTM D-974



Bromine Value


GbR/ 100g


Wax Cloud

ASTM D2500



Specific Gravity

ASTM D71-72A



Melt Viscosity

ASTM D3835



Ash Content





Hot Melt Road Marking Paint

Application of Petroleum Resin

1. paint

The paint mainly USES C9 petroleum resin, DCPD resin and C5/C9 copolymer resin with a high softening point. Adding petroleum resin to the paint can increase the gloss of the paint, improve the adhesion, hardness, acid resistance and alkali resistance of the paint film.

2. Rubber

Rubber mainly USES low softening point of C5 petroleum resin, C5/C9 copolymer resin, and DCPD resin. This kind of resin and natural rubber colloidal particles have a good mutual solubility, the rubber vulcanization process has no great impact, rubber adding petroleum resin can play a role in increasing viscosity, strengthening, softening. In particular, the addition of C5/C9 copolymer resin, not only can increase the adhesion between the particles but also can improve the adhesion between the particles and cord, suitable for radial tire and other high requirements of rubber products.

3. Adhesive industry

Petroleum resin has good adhesion, in the adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape into the addition of petroleum resin can improve the adhesive strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and water resistance, and can effectively reduce the production cost.

4. Ink industry

Ink with petroleum resin, mainly high softening point C9 petroleum resin, DCPD resin. The addition of petroleum resin in the ink can play a role in color development, fast-drying, brightening effect, improve printing performance.

5. Coating industry

Road signs and road marking paint with petroleum resin on the concrete or asphalt pavement has good adhesion, and wear resistance and good resistance to water, has a good affinity with the inorganic compound, easy coating, good weather resistance, quick-drying, strong degree is high, and can improve the physical and chemical properties of the layer, improve the UV resistance and weather ability. At present, the oil resin road sign paint tends to the mainstream gradually, the demand rises year by year.


Other Notes of C5 Petroleum Resin

1. Keep in dry condition, no moisture

2. Package:25kgs bags(PP/paper),or jumbo bag,with pallet.

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