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  • Water Based Road Marking Paint
  • Water Based Road Marking Paint
  • Water Based Road Marking Paint

Water Based Road Marking Paint

At present, the common ambient water-based road marking paints in the world are basically produced on the basis of pure acrylic emulsion. It is used as a raw material to mark the marking line, which has the characteristics of fast drying, wear resistance, easy construction and good weather resistance. It has good adhesion with road surface and glass beads, and can greatly reduce VOC emissions and reduce pollution to construction workers and the environment. As the road construction related parties are increasingly demanding the environmental indicators of the marking line, as the most economical and environmentally friendly marking product, the ambient temperature water-based marking paint is a kind of environmentally-friendly road marking material with great development prospects.

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Overview Water Based Road Marking Paint


Used as road markings on asphalt and cement concrete pavement. At the same time, because of its excellent adhesion on the old hot melt marking line, it can also be used for the old line covering of highways or urban expressways.


The biggest advantage of water based road marking paint is that it replaces the organic solvent as a solvent with water, which greatly reduces the evaporation of organic solvents and plays a role in environmental protection.


Advantage of Water Based Road Marking Paint


1. Green and environmental protection: high solid content, no organic solvent, no harm to the human body in the production and construction stages, no pollution to the environment;
2. Quick drying and wear resistance: fast drying speed, can be opened to traffic 10 minutes after construction;
3. Tough and wear-resistant: excellent coating film toughness combined with high-strength glass beads, giving the water-based marking a good service life;
4. Good reflective property: the thickness of the coating film can reach 0.6mm, and it can be matched with large-grain glass beads, which has excellent reflective effect at night;
5. Convenient construction: high pressure airless spraying is the best construction method, manual brushing and roller coating are also available.

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