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A New Filter Meida for Swimming Pool Water Treatment: Glass Bead Filter Media

The characteristics of the glass bead filter media: 

because of its excellent purity, reliable and safe operation performance, the extremely clear pool water transparency achieved by the deep filtration, the glass bead filter media greatly saves water, with long service life, which is economical, environmentally friendly, and efficient. The advantages are widely welcomed by the industry. Since the glass bead filter media was put into the market, it has been loved and sought after by customers from all walks of life at home and abroad.

The glass beads for filter media have superiority unmatched by traditional filter media.

The water-saving ability of glass beads is due to their round and smooth shape and extremely low friction coefficient. After each backwash, the contaminants trapped on the glass beads can be effectively washed away. In repeated tests, the results show that the glass beads for filter media can save more than 20% of the water when flushed with glass beads, reflecting that the use of recycled glass filter media can have advantages in the construction and operation of the filter.

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