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Application and Standard of Road Marking Beads

Traffic markings refer to the marks that convey guidance, restriction, warning and other traffic information to traffic participants on the road surface with lines, arrows, words, elevation marks, raised road signs and contour marks. Their function is to control and guide traffic, which can be used in combination with signs or alone.

According to the standard, expressways, first and second-class highways, urban expressways and main roads shall be set up road marking beads. For other roads, traffic marking lines can be set according to the standards as required.

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When it is drawn in the road section, it is used to separate the traffic flow in the same direction or as the identification line of driving safety distance; When it is drawn in the intersection, it is used to guide the vehicles.

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When it is drawn in the road section, it can be used to separate motor vehicles and non -motor vehicles in the same direction, or to indicate the edge of the roadway; When it is drawn in the intersection, it can be used as a guide lane line or a stop line.

Road glass beads are mainly set on the road surface, which is exposed to the sun, rain, wind, snow, freezing, impact and abrasion of vehicles, so it has strict requirements on its performance. First of all, it requires short drying time and simple operation to reduce traffic interference; Second, it requires strong reflection ability, bright color and strong reflection to make good visibility in the daytime and night; Third, it should have skid resistance and wear resistance to ensure driving safety and service life.

According to the regulations for road marking beads in traffic industry-standard JT/T446-2001:

1. The appearance of road marking beads shall be colorless and transparent sphere with smooth and round surface. There shall be no obvious bubbles or impurities in the road marking beads;

2. The total mass of defective road marking beads, such as oval, non-round particles, opaque beads, molten and adhered beads, bubbles or impurities, should be less than 30% of the total mass of road marking beads;

3. The density of road marking beads should be 2.4-2.6g/cm3;

4. The refractive index of road marking beads should not be less than1.5;

5. When taking water resistance test, there should be no fogging on the surface of road marking beads;

6. The content of magnetic particles in the road marking beads shall not exceed 0.1%.

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