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How about the Effects of Shot Blasting Glass Beads?

There are many places where shot blasting glass beads are used in the industry. Before use, you must understand all the information about shot blasting glass beads and know how to reflect the purpose and characteristics of shot blasting glass beads, so that no problem will occur when using, and apply good product in the right environment.

First of all, shot blasting glass bead can be used in the surface matt treatment of stainless steel products. Secondly, it can also be used to clean up various molds; in addition, it can also be used to clean up various parts, which can increase the fatigue life of the parts to a certain extent; for medical equipment, textile machinery and other related hardware parts, it can play a certain effect of shot blasting to strengthen the finishing process, etc.; finally, it can also be used in the cleaning and deburring of some metal tubes, semiconductor devices and some non-ferrous metal parts. In a word, shot blasting glass beads are constantly breaking through the current development trend.

So, in addition to the introduction of the main uses of shot blasting glass beads, what other unknown product characteristics do shot blasting glass beads have?

Shot blasting glass beads are made of high-quality materials and processed by superb technology. They have certain mechanical strength and good elasticity, which can be used repeatedly and will not be easily broken. Compared with the glass beads, their service life is basically three times that of ordinary glass beads. The high-quality shot blasting glass beads have a relatively uniform strength. After the spray gun is applied, the brightness coefficient of the sand blasting device can be kept uniform, and the watermark is not easy to have.

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