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Key Points in the Use of Micro Glass Beads

1. Introduction to the characteristics of micro glass beads

Because of the specific work use, although the final use of the micro glass beads is the same after the construction method, the various environmental differences faced in the specific engineering application are very different, and it is not clear for the time being. The only thing worthy of recognition is that, as a road application material with a high frequency of use in an open environment, micro glass beads not only have to face high-frequency use pressure, but also have specific pressure resistance for their environment to successfully achieve expected effect.

Although as an emerging material, micro glass beads have many commendable excellent properties such as light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, high chemical stability, and lipophilic and hydrophobic properties under special processing techniques, but when these performance is not a application material suitable for all the applications. Therefore, in the specific use process, if you want this material with good practical application value to be able to perform its performance normally or even supernormally, a highly targeted application method is required.

2. The key points of the use of micro glass beads

This is the case for the application of micro glass beads. For example, the lipophilic and water-repellent performance under the influence of special processing technology will undoubtedly be improved after technical treatment. And its characteristics of easy dispersion and uniform ideal distribution in organic materials are increasingly showing long enough and bound to have a longer service life and effective life under the influence of secondary processing technology upgrades such as coating coatings after several studies.

In short, as a practical material with technical influence on applicability, glass microspheres want to become the focus not to be ignored among many more and more rapidly changing materials with strong performance and applicability, which inevitably requires the continuous development of its application technology to ensure long-lasting vitality in the competition.

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