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Performance and Application of Alumina Polishing Powder

Alumina has outstanding performance in industrial applications such as precision processing and manufacturing due to its high hardness and good stability. It is currently the widely-used polishing abrasive. With the development of modern technology, in the production of resin polishing abrasives, the application fields of fine-grained abrasives are also more extensive, especially for high-precision grinding and mirror polishing.

1. The main material of alumina polishing powder

Alumina polishing powder is mainly made of α-Al2O3, and contains auxiliary components such as dispersant, suspending agent, lubricant, emulsifier, etc. The alumina polishing powder has a small and uniform particle size, and a high purity of 99.99%. And it doesn't contain any mechanical impurities; The alumina used in alumina polishing powder has good dispersibility and adsorption to ensure the uniformity and high efficiency of the processing process; the powder particles have a certain crystal lattice shape, which forms sharp corners when broken, which can improve the polishing efficiency; It has suitable hardness and density, and has good wettability and suspension with water, which is conducive to the mixing of polishing powder and water.

2. The performance of alumina polishing powder

The alumina polishing powder produced through a rigorous production process is a high-purity white powder. The performance of the alumina polishing powder has the characteristics of stable crystal phase, high hardness, small particles and uniform distribution; Alumina polishing powder has high grinding efficiency, good polishing effect, strong cutting force, fast light emission, and can emit uniform and bright luster. Alumina polishing powder is used for artificial gems, zircons, natural gems, jade, agate, crystals, vibration polishing (machine polishing, rolling polishing), manual polishing (grinding polishing), etc. Alumina polishing powder is also used in the grinding and polishing of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, stone, glass, wall and floor tiles, metal surface polishing, polishing strips, polishing slurry, paint surface, marble, granite, optical glass surface polishing, car paint polishing, resin polishing, etc.

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