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  • JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads For Traffic Paint
  • JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads For Traffic Paint
  • JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads For Traffic Paint
  • JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads For Traffic Paint
  • JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads For Traffic Paint
  • JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads For Traffic Paint

JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads For Traffic Paint

JIS R 3301 Premix glass beads for traffic paint is very common inter standard, TENROADS is one of the leading premix glass beads manufacturers to supply road marking glass beads, our products have sold to several markets, including Southeast area,  middle east area,  South Africa, Europe and so on.

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Premix glass beads, often referred to as glass bead media, are used in various applications for their unique properties. These small, spherical beads are typically made from recycled glass and are known for their durability, uniformity, and environmental friendliness. Premix glass beads offer a versatile and sustainable solution for a wide range of applications, from industrial blasting and water filtration to reflective markings and cosmetic products. Their unique properties make them a valuable material in many industries, providing both functional and environmental benefits.

Overview Premix Glass Beads for Traffic Paint  

JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads, meeting the JIS R 3301 Japanese Standard, is blended into paint and thermoplastics during the manufacturing stage. JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads are known as Premix glass beads. JIS R 3301 Premix Glass Beads have high longevity due to their size. As the road marking paint wears over time due to friction from tires and weathers, the premix glass beads that are embedded into the paint are exposed which ensures retro-reflectivity. This helps to increase the longevity of the paint as well as the safety of motorists. Glass beads are widely used in traffic paint to enhance road safety by improving the visibility of road markings, especially at night or in poor weather conditions.

The Specification of Glass Beads for Traffic Paint

Diameter (μm)

Standard retained (%)











Premix Glass Beads For Traffic Paint

The Advantage of Reflective Glass Beads for Traffic Paint

1. High roundness, normally >80%

2. Clear glass material

3. RI>1.5

4. 24 hours of quality control

5. Advance test lab

6. Competitive factory price

7. Increase paint life

The Application of Reflective Beads for Traffic Paint 

● Uses of glass beads for traffic paint

    ○ Safety markings and Surfaces: Incorporated into road paint to enhance nighttime visibility. The beads reflect light from headlights, improving road safety.

    ○ Durable Road Markings: Premix glass beads are highly durable and can be reused multiple times in road marking applications, reducing overall costs.

    ○ Longitudinal Markings: High refractive index provides excellent reflective properties, enhancing visibility in road markings and other reflective applications.

● Types of Road Markings

    ○ Lane Lines and Edge Lines: Enhances visibility of lane divisions and road edges.

    ○ Crosswalks and Stop Lines: Improves the safety of pedestrian crossings and stopping areas.

    ○ Symbols and Arrows: Increases the clarity of directional symbols and arrows on the road.

Benefits of Using Glass Beads in Traffic Paint

Enhanced Nighttime Visibility:

Retroreflectivity: Glass beads reflect light from vehicle headlights back to the driver, significantly improving the visibility of road markings at night.

Improved Safety: Better visibility of road markings helps prevent accidents, especially in low-light conditions.


Wear Resistance: Glass beads add durability to road markings, making them more resistant to wear and tear from traffic and weather.

Longevity: Road markings with glass beads tend to last longer, reducing the frequency of reapplication and maintenance.


Reduced Maintenance Costs: Longer-lasting road markings lead to lower maintenance costs over time.

Efficient Application: The drop-on method is a quick and efficient way to apply glass beads during road marking.

Why Choose TenRoads as Your Premix Glass Beads Supplier

With years of experience, we have a stable glass supplier to promise the quality of the material. The size range is important. During the glass beads producing, our excellent team has good control over it. Of course, we will keep 24-hours checking for the quality.

tenroads production process

Using reflective glass beads for traffic paint is a proven method to enhance the visibility and durability of road markings. Their retroreflective properties significantly improve nighttime visibility, contributing to road safety. By selecting the appropriate bead size and quality and following proper application techniques, road markings can be made more effective and longer lasting.

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