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Reflective vs Non-Reflective Fire Rated Glass

Fireproof glass is a great way to hide your fire pit burners and pans while adding a modern touch to your gas fire pit. There are many options for fire pit fillers, but if you decide to use fire glass - either alone or as the basis for a decorative fire pit trim - then the first decision to make is between reflective and non-reflective fire glass. If you can't decide between the two, don't worry! You can always mix and match the two for a more interesting look.


Reflective Fire Glass

Reflective fire glass is tempered glass that has been chemically treated and polished to a mirror finish on one side. When a flame is ignited, this reflective surface creates a dazzling flashing effect, resulting in a brighter, more interesting flame feature. Reflective fire glass will sparkle in any light, but will be more intense when illuminated by flame light - the glitter dazzles guests and interacts beautifully with any other fire pit decor in your fireplace.


● Highlight the fire pit, not just the flames

● Reflect the firelight outward like a sparkling gemstone

●Create a brighter, more interesting flame feature

● Complement other fire pit decorations

● Flames fade into the overall landscape



Non-Reflective Fire Glass

Non-reflective or standard fire pit glass is a great way to add a sleek, modern look to a fire. It is evenly colored on all four sides, allowing light to penetrate and creating a softer, more mysterious effect of the flames. When burning, it will give you the illusion of elegant liquid flames swirling and dancing around your fire pit. Non-reflective glass will add color to your landscape without escalating the flames, which will take center stage when the unit is lit.


● Fire light penetrates the glass

●Creates the appearance of ephemeral liquid flames

●Will not pull the focus away from the flames of the fire pit

●Suitable for modern outdoor decorating themes

● Adds brilliant color to the fire


How much fire-resistant glass do I need?

To know exactly how much fire-resistant glass you need to fill your fire feature, you will need the physical dimensions of said fire feature. Don't worry, we anticipate questions - that's why our handy video on how to measure fire-resistant glass can help you. Once you've completed these measurements, plug them directly into the fireproof glass calculator to get the exact volume you need. But be careful! It's important not to overfill the fire pit. We recommend stacking no more than 1-2 inches of fire glass on top of the burner.


Color Instructions

Choosing a type and color of fire glass for your fire protection feature is as personal as choosing a paint color for your home. These are important decisions that take time and careful thought. It all depends on your personal taste, your outdoor decor, and what mood you want your fire feature to evoke. For example.


● Warm colors such as orange, red and yellow tend to feel cozy and comfortable.

● Cool colors such as green, blue and purple can inspire a sense of calm and serenity.

● Bold, bright colors, such as rich meridian blue, can exude a sense of passion and power.

● Gold, sheer and silver tones create an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.



While we invite you to think differently, our design experts tell us that the most popular fireproof glass colors ordered by other clients are black, clear, bronze and blue. Our years of experience and wisdom have made them absolutely unbeatable when it comes to planning outdoor spaces.


When it comes to fire rated glass, reflective and non-reflective are just the tip of the iceberg! Contact TENROADS to learn more about creating the perfect fire pit. Trust our guidance and you'll soon have that warm, romantic, evocative fire!

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