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Steps for the Construction of Glass Bead Road

During the construction and paving of some roads, the product will be applied to the reflective glass beads on the road. Therefore, consumers should accurately know the application method of reflective glass bead on the road  when they use it, because only after they know these methods accurately, they will not have any problems when use it.

The reflective glass bead material is directly added to the water-based capsule, and then adjusted evenly. A certain amount of additives can be added appropriately to enhance its firmness, and then it can be used directly.

It can be directly added to the transparent slurry and stirred evenly. A certain amount of auxiliary agent can be added according to the actual demand, so as to achieve better application effect. The reflective glass beads can be directly added to the ink to make reflective ink, which can be used for screen printing or brushing on textile or other items. It is not only very simple and convenient to use, but also easy to master. It should be noted that the amount of reflective glass beads can be added appropriately according to the required degree of reflection.

Spray the reflective bottom first, and then spray the reflective surface coat after the reflective bottom is dry. If the cement surface is constructed, it will be better to spray the two layers repeatedly. It is recommended to use professional equipment to spray. At the same time, when spraying, it is necessary to try a small area in advance, and pay attention to the weather conditions of construction.  Do not construct in rainy weather as far as possible, because it will make the reflective glass beads not be fully developed.

The performance of glass beads is better when they are in specific use, and its overall use is also more extensive now. We can look at the actual range of places where it is used now, and we can ensure that we can know the actual benefits when we choose. Shot peened glass beads can be used in many places now.

The function of glass beads

Application 1:It has good effect matte on the treatment in the surface of stainless steel products, and the price of glass beads in the process of specific use is very reasonable, so that everyone can easily choose to use, and the actual value of the benefits is obvious, which is enough to show that a good product can be used according to their own needs will be better.

Application 2: shot peened glass beads can be effectively used for cleaning various molds, and they are also good on the tensile stress of some parts, which can effectively increase fatigue life, which is the reason why many people consider these basic conditions when choosing vacuum glass beads, so as to choose and use them reasonably.

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