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The Advantages of Sandblasting Glass Bead

Ⅰ. Specifications of sandblasting glass beads

At present, the general standard of sandblasting glass beads on the market has a maximum diameter of 850μm and a minimum of 0μm. According to the granularity of commonly used specific intervals, it is divided into 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 220, and 320, and can be classified according to different requirements.

Ⅱ. Advantages of using sandblasting glass beads

In the process of sandblasting and shot blasting for the surface treatment of different parts, in the selection of abrasives, glass beads are often used in the matt treatment of various stainless steel products, the cleaning of various molds, the removal of tensile stress of various parts, and the shot peening and finishing of hardware products, surface treatment of various non-ferrous metal pipe fittings and precision castings, removing burrs, removing oxides, removing residual rust, polishing and roughening, removing stress, etc.

Among all kinds of sandblasting and blasting surface treatment consumables, compared with steel shot and stainless steel shot, the particle size of sandblasting glass beads can be less than 0.15mm. Steel shot and stainless steel shot are widely used in metal shot blasting and some larger machines. The surface treatment of the piece. Compared with sandblasting glass beads, it is more suitable for precision castings and non-ferrous metal devices. In precision castings and non-ferrous metal devices, steel shots will deform parts and leave traces and eliminate excessive stress. Glass beads can be produced with the size less than 0.05mm, the contact area of the appropriate particle size model and the parts is relatively small, the surface of the parts is not easy to damage, the stress relief is more uniform than that of large one, and the matt treatment effect is better.

Compared with water chestnut glass sand, emery sand, quartz sand and other consumables with water chestnut, sandblasting glass beads also have advantages that cannot be replaced with each other. Because water chestnut consumables are generally irregular or have edges and corners, no matter the particle size, they basically have certain damage to the sprayed workpiece, and some traces will appear under the microscope, which can easily cause surface pollution and corrosion, and it is difficult to achieve long-term effects. After the glass beads are cleaned by shot peening, few traces are left on the surface of the workpiece, and they have a long-term unchanged effect.

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