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The Characteristics of Glass Beads

1. Glass beads have scattering effect on light in full visible spectrum

In fact, the glass material is colorless and transparent, but because the glass bead scatters the light in the full visible spectrum range, it looks white.However, when added to the colored material, it also scatters the light of the material color, so it can be widely used in any material that has requirements on the appearance color without affecting the original material color. Therefore, it is widely used for road marking.

2. The density of road marking beads is small

The density of road marking beads is about one tenth of the density of traditional filler particles, which can greatly reduce the basis weight of the product after filling, and the large volume makes it replace a large number of other raw materials and reduce the product cost.

3. Organic modified (lipophilic) surface

Road marking beads are easy to be wet and dispersed, which can be filled in most thermosetting thermoplastic resins, such as polyester, epoxy resin, polyurethane and so on.

4. High dispersion and good liquidity

Because the road marking bead is a small round ball, it has better fluidity than the sheet, needle or irregular shape fillers in the liquid resin, so the filling performance is excellent. What's more, this kind of small bead is isotropic, so it will not produce the defect that the shrinkage of different parts is inconsistent because of the orientation, ensuring a stable product size without being warping.

5. Heat insulation, sound insulation, electric insulation and low water absorption

The interior of the road marking bead is thin gas, so it has sound insulation and heat insulation, and it is an excellent filler for various heat-insulation and sound-insulation products. The heat insulation of the road marking beads can also be used to protect the products from the heat shock caused by the alternation between the hot and cold conditions. High specific resistance and very low water absorption make it widely used in the processing and production of cable insulation materials.

Normal temperature and hot-melt road marking coating

It can be divided into two types: premixed and surface spraying. The premixed glass bead can be mixed in the coating when producing the hot-melt road coating, which can ensure the long-term reflection of the road marking within the service life.

The other can be spread on the surface of the road marking during the construction of the road marking to have a real-time reflective effect. After surface treatment, the road marking beads can be used in road marking construction, which can improve the adhesion between glass beads and hot-melt marking and enhance the refractive index of road marking. The road marking beads can also be used for self-cleaning, anti pollution, moisture-proof and so on.

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