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What are the Product Characteristics of Sand Glass Beads?

There are many applications for sandblasting glass beads. For example, they can be used in the surface treatment of some stainless steel products, and can also be used in the cleaning of some molds, showing the characteristics in different industries. Now let's follow Lang Fang Ten Roads Glass Products Co.,Ltd. to see the characteristics of sandblasting glass beads.

1. Characteristics of sandblasting glass beads

First of all, sandblasting glass beads have the characteristics of both soft and hard in the application process. They are also produced with very high-quality materials during processing and production, and the hardness in the application can reach a very high level. The service life can be about three times longer than that of ordinary glass beads.

Secondly, sandblasting glass beads also have the characteristics of good uniformity, and their rounding rate can reach more than 80%, and  maintain a good uniform particle size.

2. Can sandblasting glass beads be reused?

There is no quantitative standard for the use times of sandblasting glass beads. The particle size of the glass beads is different, the pressure of the sandblasting machine is different, and the coverage of sandblasting is directly related to the consumption of glass beads. But one thing is certain. The sandblasting glass beads must have sufficient hardness and elasticity.

In general, the higher the hardness, the better the elasticity, and the higher the rounding rate of the glass beads, the more products are ejected and the less consumption.

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