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What Type of Fire Rated Glass Should I Buy?

What type of fire rated glass should i buy? the answer to this depends on the look you want to achieve for your outdoor fire protection feature. Choose based on the location of the building, your application, the right color, etc. Glass bead manufacturer TENROADshares this with you.



Do you want to add some glitz and glitter? If so, use reflective tempered fire glass. The reflective backing and smooth finish on the glass will give you maximum shine and sparkle.

If you prefer less flash, but still want to add visual interest to your fire feature with some reflective accents, we recommend using crushed fire glass. Crushed fire glass allows you to infuse your fire feature with some lovely color, which will reflect some of the flame on the beautiful gravel-shaped fire glass pieces.


The color of fire glass is very subjective, depending on your personal preferences, outdoor/backyard decor, and the mood and feel you want to achieve in your backyard space. Lighter colors provide superior brightness and evoke a sense of elegance and chic. Earth tones give a warm, rustic feel. Rich, deep or vibrant colors can add a modern touch to your fire wall.

Color Guide

If you want blue colored reflective fire glass, we recommend Meridian Blue or Cobalt Blue.

For a shiny silver look, pair it with 1/2-inch reflective tempered fire glass in Diamond Star.

For a bold black shade, choose dark black reflective tempered fire glass.

For a crisp, diamond-like look, tempered fire glass in Diamond Starlight is the perfect choice.

There are many exciting colors to choose from, which is what makes fire glass so popular. The four colors recommended here are customer favorites, and our favorites!




Another thing to consider when choosing fire rated glass is that tempered fire rated glass may have some sharp edges. Tumbling can darken the surface of the glass and cause it to lose some reflectivity To ensure maximum shine, you want to choose tempered fire glass that will not tumble.

However, given its sharp edges, tempered fire glass may not be the best choice for homes with small children. If you do use it, be careful to keep the floor clear of debris so that no one steps on them.

If you're looking for a variety of fire glass with fewer sharp edges, try crushed fire glass, whose pieces have a natural gravelly shape. It eliminates the traditional sharp edges that can be a concern for children and family pets.

Know what else is great? You can get creative and mix different colors of fireproof glass to create your own unique look, and you can also use it to add a splash of color and sparkle to your water features or decorative vases and bowls. Contact us now! Get the styles and colors you like!

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