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What is the Reflection Principle of Reflective Glass Bead?

1. Introduction of reflective glass beads

Reflective glass beads are a new product in the modern glass industry. Its high reflectivity makes this product widely used. It has achieved good results on zebra crossings, no-stop lines, and on highway signs. What is the reflection principle of reflective glass beads?

2. The reflective principle of reflective glass beads

The reflective physical properties of reflective glass beads are fully reflected in today's society. They can reflect light under any light and have a good reflective effect. This effect mainly depends on its own characteristics. It is an inorganic non-metallic material made of borosilicate as a raw material through deep processing.

Because of its spherical shape, 360-direction reflected light is called an indispensable reflective material today. Using it as a road reflective material, eye-catching signs guide people's route and direction, so that drivers and friends can accurately distinguish road signs and driving routes. Sanitation workers can clean roads safely by wearing such reflective work clothes. At the same time, reflective glass paint from Lang Fang Ten Roads Glass Products Co.,Ltd. is also a good reflective material.

Science and technology are progressing and society is developing. As a professional glass bead factory, Lang Fang Ten Roads Glass Products Co.,Ltd. always puts quality first, and every detail is strictly controlled. We guarantee all reflective glass beads are high-quality products.

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